Recall Walz Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why should Walz be recalled?

A:1. Walz has abused his power and violated at least 16 laws,      including multiple violations of the very law he derives his emergency management powers from.

2. The abuses in power have resulted in a 'cure worse than the disease' of COVID 19 as numerous businesses close forever, people die of non-COVID maladies worsened by their delays in diagnosis and treatment, and deaths of despair from economic harm and social isolation pile up.

3. Rather than be a voice of reason and calm, Walz has chosen to fear monger by selectively sharing data that promotes worst case scenario projections, models that predict unreasonably high deaths, and messages that emphasize 'danger' even for those with nearly no risk from COVID.

If any unelected person committed even a fraction of these unlawful acts, we would be arrested and faced with the prospect of large fines and long-term imprisonment. The Recall Process is the people’s way of holding our elected officials to a similar, albeit less fair standard. We see this as an important stand for the rule of law and a deterrent to future abuses of power.

Q: What would a recall of Walz accomplish?

A: successful recall effort would mean:

  1. The Supreme Court of Minnesota will have ruled that Walz was guilty of abusing his power and operating outside the rule of law in a manner that substantially infringed on the rights of people. This will establish important legal precedent and a deterrent both to Walz and any future Governors of the state of Minnesota.

  2. A successful recall Election would remove Walz from Office

  3. As an ‘icing on the cake’ an active Recall movement during the 2020 state Legislative races likely improves the odds of all candidates who advocate for limited government and expanded liberty.


Q: If Walz is removed, and Peggy Flanagan becomes Governor, is that really any better?

Short answer: Yes!

Long Answer: Yes! Because:

  1. Flanagan would understand that if she repeated similar abuses, she too would face Recall, and even quicker as legal precedent will be in place.

  2. If the Minnesota Republicans still hold a majority in the State Senate when Walz is removed, the President of the Senate assumes the role of Lt. Governor, thereby becoming part of the Executive Council that needs to approve Executive Orders and Peacetime Emergency extensions.

  3. The next Minnesota Gubernatorial election does not occur until 2022. The odds of replacing tyranny are improved under either of the following Scenarios:

    1. The Supreme Court ‘convicts’ Walz of abuses of power, even if the recall election does not succeed, Walz would be running as a convicted Tyrant.

    2. The recall election succeeds, and Walz is a disgraced and removed politician – any of his former allies share in his disgrace, and face worse electoral prospects.


Q: What is required to recall Walz?

The process is outlined in Minnesota Statute Chapter 211c.

In Summary:

  1. The Supreme Court must ‘convict’ Walz of Malfeasance, Nonfeasance, or Criminal Activity. We are pursing a case of Malfeasance.

  2. Approximately 646,000 signatures must be gathered within 90 days of this conviction – not before, and they must be using the prescribed document that comes out of the process.

  3. After successful signature gathering, a recall Election is ordered, and 50% + 1 vote must be cast to remove Walz from Office.


Q: Can signatures be gathered online?

Maybe. We are looking into it; MN Statute Chapter 325 appears to allow it. More news coming as we continue our research. Please note: ‘’ and similar petitions currently circulating have no legal bearing on the official recall process. They are often email/marketing gathering campaigns more than anything. Please make sure you sign the official petition once we have one available.

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